Indy Commercial Stair Lifts (Pro Series)

Indy PRO Pinnacle
The Indy PRO Pinnacle is smooth, small and safe, extending a short distance of 11” from the wall.
Indy PRO Lux
The Indy PRO Lux offers safety and beauty with a great look and design. It’s also compact and roomy.
Indy PRO Curve
The Indy PRO Curve is fully customizable to hug every curve of your staircase, on either side of the stairs.
Indy PRO Outdoor
The Indy PRO Outdoor can withstand the harshest of elements with a weather-tight cover that protects.
The Indy PRO Pinnacle is smooth, small and safe, extending a short distance of 11” from the wall.

Why Indy PRO?

Like any good business, Nationwide Lifts understands the need to make your facility accessible for every client, guest, or patient. We provide the best stair lifts in the industry, with options to suit any and all commercial stair lift needs. From compact and sleek to heavy-duty and weatherproof, our lifts can transform doctors’ offices, hospitals, corporate buildings, schools, and more into places where inclusion, comfort, and safety are demonstrated priorities. As a division of Nationwide Lifts, we’re experienced in finding the very best PRO model for your needs. Click above or contact us today to learn more about giving your clients the independence they deserve.
A building like a corporate office, hospital, or school needs to be accessible for everyone. Stairs, from front steps to an interior stairway, shouldn’t be an obstruction to workers, clients, customers, or patients. Increase mobility and access inside your facility by installing a commercial chair stair lift. Choose from our many Indy PRO model stair lifts to find the right fit for your commercial building. We carry compact, extra-large, outdoor, and many more PRO commercial stair lifts to best suit your needs.
If space inside your building is limited, consider the Indy PRO Pinnacle or PRO Lux stair lift. As compact designs are ideal for narrow staircases, the Indy PRO Pinnacle and Lux operate during power outages and support various body types. For additional support, go with our Indy PRO XL Stair Lift. With a 500-pound capacity, this extra-large stair lift accommodates nearly everyone.
Your building’s design may have other obstacles, however, including outdoor steps or a curved stairway. Make sure all of these areas are accessible by installing an Indy PRO Curve or PRO Outdoor stair lift. A customized chair lift, the PRO Curve is built to the twists and turns of your building’s stairway and is designed with upper and lower landing parks for better stability. Our Indy PRO Outdoor stair lift, additionally, withstands storms and seasons and allows patients, workers, or clients to enter your facility regardless of the weather.
As a business owner, your customers and employees are your two greatest resources. Give each and everyone one of them the freedom and mobility they deserve by calling Indy Stairlifts today.