PRO Curve Stair Lift

Customized to fit every bend.
Reaching new lengths, the Indy PRO Curve can mount to either side of your stairs while hugging every curve. Created to the exact specifications of your stairs, the Indy PRO Curve is top of the line customization. Supporting up to 400 lbs, this stair lift will fit a variety of body types while simply plugging into a household outlet.

The Indy PRO Curve is reliable and safe, featuring a swivel seat at the upper landing so your clients will enter and exit the stair lift safely every time. The optional features of the Indy PRO Curve take this stair lift to the next level, with an upper and lower landing park position for added stability, and mid park and charge stations for staircases with landings between the top and bottom of the stairs. These optional features allow you to offer your clients the very best.
Let our Indy PRO Curve accommodate your workers and the shape of your staircase. Increasing mobility options in your facility, the Indy PRO Curve is a customized commercial stair lift built to fit around all angles, turns, or twists. This custom commercial stair lift supports up to 400 pounds and has upper and lower landing park positions. Mid park and charge stations are also possible.
Supporting up to 400 pounds, the Indy PRO Curve has adjustable height and armrest features and a swivel seat. The commercial stair lift, additionally, is compact enough to let users and non-users take the stairs at the same time.


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