Indy XL Stair Lift

Secure. Comfortable. Reliable.
The Indy XL has the heaviest carrying capacity in the stair lift industry. Supporting up to 500 lbs and a seat width of 25”, this chair lift is not only reinforced, but made with heavy-duty materials to support any body size or type.
Along with undeniable support and reliability the Indy XL provides excellent safety features, including a 90° seat swivel on the upper and lower landing for a safe and easy exit and entry. Also the Indy XL features a safety switch that stops the stair lift from functioning when the seat is not in the correct position. Beyond your average stair lift the Indy XL is made for those needing additional comfort and stability
Never worry about having enough support with the Indy XL Stair Lift. With the greatest carrying capacity in the industry, the Indy XL supports up to 500 pounds with a 25-inch seat and adjustable design. Each chair is reinforced, including the footrest and armrest, and is made out of heavy-duty materials. Able to support any body size or type, this large stair lift is additionally equipped with a 90-degree swivel seat and a safety switch and mounts directly to the stairs, not the wall.

Don’t let size be a limitation for adding or using a stair lift. Make your home accessible for everyone with the Indy XL Stair Lift.