Indy Lux Stair Lift

A beautiful, reliable design.
The Indy Lux combines elegance with safety to bring you a stair lift that excels in style and comfort. Its compact design allows guests to use the stairs without the lift being folded, but don’t worry, the arms, seat and footrest fold for even more room. Accessibility is key, and with a weight capacity of 400 lbs and a seat width of 21.75”, the Indy Lux suits a variety of body types and sizes.
Trust the Indy Lux and you’ll have the freedom and comfort you’ve always desired. Requiring very little maintenance due to its direct drive motor, the Indy Lux operates by plugging into your household outlet as well as two 12-volt batteries; this allows the stair lift to continue lifting even during a power outage. With obstacle sensors, you’ll never have to experience a stall or jam; the stair lift will simple stop and allow you to remove whatever may be in its way. Choose the Indy Lux and experience the very best in compact stair lift design.


Optional Feature

Let everyone comfortably go up or down the stairs in your home by installing the Indy Lux, an adjustable and compact stair lift. Supporting up to 400 pounds, Indy Lux Stair Lifts are designed with a large seat and have adjustable armrests. Simply adjust it to your liking and let the Indy Lux take you up or down your staircase in comfort. Easily get on or off with its swivel seat.
With a stable design, the Indy Lux Stair Lift folds up, installs close to the wall, and is equipped with sensors. Although built with a direct drive motor, the Indy Lux Stair Lift functions in power outages

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