PRO Outdoor Stair Lift

Protection and functionality.
The Indy PRO Outdoor can withstand the harshest of elements with a weather-tight cover that protects its design and functionality. Your clients will be treated to mobility all year round whether in rain, snow, or sun. Supporting up to 350 lbs, the Indy PRO Outdoor offers comfort and flexibility to its users. With a 19” wide seat that swivels 90 degrees, it’s easy to use and smooth from start to finish.

Our Indy PRO Outdoor Stair Lift makes accessibility possible in rain, sleet, snow, or sun. Able to withstand the elements all year round, the commercial Indy PRO Outdoor Stair Lift is equipped with a weather-tight cover and supports up to 350 pounds. If your facility, such as a school, corporate building, or hospital, has several front steps, make them less of an obstruction with the Indy PRO Outdoor Stair Lift.
Increase mobility outdoors for workers, clients, or patients with the Indy PRO Outdoor. This commercial stair lift mounts directly to stairs – not the wall – and can be placed on either side. Like inside stair lifts, this outdoor commercial model offers safety sensors.



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