PRO Lux Stair Lift

Elegant design, practical use. The Indy PRO Lux offers safety and beauty with a great look and design. Compact and roomy, the Indy PRO Lux has a weight capacity of 400 lbs with the arms, seat and footrest folding to provide plenty of room for others to utilize the stairs. Its seat width of 21.75” gives plenty of room for a range of body types and sizes.

The Indy PRO Lux requires very little maintenance due to its direct drive motor. Using two 12-volt batteries as backup, the Indy PRO Lux plugs into a common household outlet and will continue to operate even during power outages. Offering top of the line safety features, the Indy PRO Lux is not only elegant but also practical.
Increase mobility and conserve space with the Indy PRO Lux Stair Lift. Safe and made for use on narrow stairways, the Indy PRO Lux has an attractive and foldable design that supports up to 400 pounds. Let clients, workers, or patients fold out the stair lift to ascend, and have them fold it back up to make more room on the stairs for non-users.
With a direct drive motor, the Indy PRO Lux Stair Lift is designed for a variety of body types and sizes and operates during power outages. Installed six inches from the wall, this commercial stair lift can also have mid park and charge stations if a landing is between the top and bottom of a staircase.



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