PRO Pinnacle Stair Lift

Comfortable for your clients. Compact for you.
The Indy PRO Pinnacle is smooth, small and safe. Extending a short distance of 11” from the wall, the Indy PRO Pinnacle gives plenty of room to non-users. Featuring the patented helical drive system, the user will always be comforted by the easy controls and smooth journey.

With the ability to lift 350 lbs, the Indy PRO Pinnacle offers safety features including safety sensors that stop the stair lift when it meets an obstruction, and indicator lights that are easy to read and operate. Give clients, guests and patients the very best in compact stair lifts with the Indy PRO Pinnacle.
The smallest commercial stair lift from our selection, the Indy PRO Pinnacle has a compact design that sits only 11 inches from the wall. Increase mobility for all workers, patients, or clients and still allow room for non-users on the stairs. With a helical drive system, the Indy PRO Pinnacle is equipped with safety sensors, indicator lights, and easy controls and operates during power outages.
If your facility has narrow staircases, consider the Indy PRO Pinnacle for these areas as well. A lightweight commercial stair lift, the Indy PRO Pinnacle features a swivel seat and adjustable height and supports up to 350 pounds.



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